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Vintage Poster Discovery in London Tube Tunnel

I don’t usually post links to other blog articles but I saw a post on this morning that really caught my imagination and I wanted to share.  While upgrading Notting Hill Gate station this year, vintage 1950′s advertising posters were discovered telling us to ‘Travel Royal Blue’ and ‘Wonder where the yellow went’ with Pepsodent toothpaste.

This is right up my street.  I love these posters and they serve as a great source of inspiration with their bold colours and fun artwork.  Unfortunately, these wont be available to anybody to view, the area is completely inaccessible but will be left intact.

I will definitely be storing these images they’re just fabulous!  I can almost see and feel the hustle and bustle of 1950′s London in this photo.

notting hill gate disused lift passageway 250x250 Vintage Poster Discovery in London Tube Tunnel

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